Hi, my name is David, Owner and created of davidlole.com. I have been in love with art ever since I could remember. My first memory of art has to be when I watched tv and really wanted to create drawings of the characters. From a young age, my fascination with art has continued to grow bigger every day.

Throughout that time, I continued to perfect my skills in the field and also worked towards a career on that direction.  Now as a professional artist, my love for different kinds of art continues to grow every day.  This has also increased my need to help more people learn more about art, acquire new skills as well as perfect their existing skills.

What is davidlole.com?

davidlole.com is a free resource blog created by an artist for an artist. One of my main missions is to help people of all ages from different parts of the world to learn as much as they possible could about art through my skills, knowledge and experience.

This blog is meant to bring together people of all cultures and help them share different arts and techniques from all parts of the globe.

Team and editorial guidelines

I work with a team of professional artists who give me great input on the work I put out for my readers. They help me do more research and state opinions to make sure the content is good quality, accurate and free of bias. I also work with a small team of editors and publishers; we work hard to ensure the content is presented to you in an organised and artistic manner. Having such a team allows davidlole.com to deliver the best content to its readers and at a consistent rate.

We learn something new every day about art, which is why I am open to any new information from artists living all around the globe.